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Thigh liposuction

Q: What is Thigh Liposculpture?

A: Thigh Liposculpture is a technique used for body contouring. It consists of permanently removing the fat deposits from the Thigh area. This is not a weight loss procedure. Info from PlastiqSurgery Center:
When in a consultation with your physician, be ready to answer some questions like these:
What's the maximum you've ever weighed?
Is your weight stable now?
Does your weight go up or down when you have emotional stress?
How often do you exercise?
How long have you been exercising?
Were you athletic when you were in school?
Have you thought about getting a personal trainer?
Do you eat sweets and eat junk food?
Have you tried used any professional Diet Programs? (i.e. Jenny Craig, Atkins, Lindora)
Was it successful?

Q. What are some risks involved in Thigh Liposculpture?

A. Some risks are as follows:
Fluid Clog in lungs
Dislodged Fat
Blood clot

Q. Where will my surgery be performed?

A. Depending on how much fat your Physician decided to take out, it can be either done at the Doctor’s office as an outpatient procedure, or at the hospital as an outpatient surgery.

Q. What is the duration of this procedure?

A. This procedure could take anywhere from two to four hours.

Q. How much does this procedure cost?

A. This procedure can range anywhere from $4,000 - $7,500.