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Breast Reconstruction

Q. What is Breast Reconstruction?

A. Breast reconstruction is the choice for patients who have undergone a mastectomy (surgical removal of a breast) due to cancer condition, but Breast Reconstruction is a technique used to create a breast that closely matches the shape, size and feel of the breast that was removed or lost due to a certain reason.

Q. What are the risks involved in Breast Reconstruction?

A. As always, there are many risks involved in any procedure. Breast Reconstruction risks are the following:
Tightening of the scars
The implant itself

Q. How long does Breast Reconstruction take?

A. Normally, the Breast Reduction procedure takes one to three hours depending on what kind of surgery you are undergoing. Some implant procedures are Flap Reconstruction, which takes two to five hours to undergo, Free Flap which is more than six hours and TRAM Flap operation which is also more than six hours.

Q. What is the cost of Breast Reconstruction?

A.Breast Reconstruction would range anywhere from $3,000 -$9,000, consult your physician for more information.