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Dr. Stone has been named by the L.A.Times the "Best Plastic Surgeon" for 3 years. You will find him honest, forthright, and straightforward. He will question your goals and expectations so you know exactly what to expect.

Plastic surgery for women in Los Angeles

Dr. Aaron Stone is a board certified Plastic Surgeon who performs facial plastic surgery including facelift, nose, eyelid and facial implant surgery and body plastic surgery including body lift, tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation and liposuction in his Beverly Hills, California office.


The facial plastic surgery procedures performed besides facelift are septoplasty for septal deviation of the nose, reduction of the nasal bridge, narrowing the nose, repair of a broken nose, pinning of the ears (otoplasty), blepharoplasty eyelid surgery, browlift, cheek, chin or jaw implants, injection of botox or dermal fillers and laser resurfacing, dermabrasion or chemical peels to remove fine lines on the face.


Plastic Surgery of the body or Body Contouring involves a variety of procedures that are frequently combined together in different combinations to meet individual patient specific needs. They are frequently done some time after childbirth (know as a mommy makeover) or after large weight loss due to weight loss surgery or exercise and dieting. They include abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), body lifts (belt lipectomy), liposuction, breast lifts, breast reduction and breast enlargement.


Dr. Stone gives every patient the personalized care they require before, during and after surgery. Dr. Stone completed his medical school at Yale University, General and Plastic Surgery at Wayne State University and then had additional training in Plastic Surgery at Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital in New York City and the University of Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo Brazil. He is currently affiliated with Cedars Sinai Medical Center and Olympia Hospital in Los Angeles.


For over 10 years Dr. Stone has regularly volunteered to remove tattoos from gang members to enable them to find work and leave the gang member lifestyle. He also runs a plastic surgery clinic for poor, indigent and uninsured patients at Cedars Sinai Medical Center that takes care of their reconstructive surgery needs such as for skin cancer.


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